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Napoleon Typefaces is a bureau established by Erik Sachse during his studies in 2017.
The bureau focusses on designing retail typefaces, as well as offering a website development service.
It is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

Retail Typefaces offers typefaces for your everyday usage.
Laboratory typefaces is the experimental section for offering mostly display typefaces with a strong character.
The Website Development section offers a aesthetical appealing design-and programming practice with current technological requirements.

Interviews by Napoleon Typefaces
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The bureau is currently accepting following inquiries:

✓ Custom designed typefaces
✓ Websites (Full-Stack Development)
✓ Editorial Design
✓ Compiling of missing glyphs and scripts on demand

EULA in a nutshell
There are two different license types. One is for your personal computer, called Desktop license. The other license type is for your web application.
A Desktop license comes with an OpenType file. OpenType, OTF, covers all font features and once it is installed, it'll work with all applications on your computer.
A Web license allows you to use the @font-face feature on a website. It comes with EOT, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 file formats to support all modern browsers.
Each web license comes with all the font files including a basic html and css file ready to use.
Please read this if you haven't heard of @font-face.

It is called buying a typeface, but in fact, you are buying a license. Within this license you can install and use the font on a computer, or embed it inside a website.
It is also restricted on the numbers of Computers, or visitors on a website. It is a one-time fee for each license, which means that once you bought it, it will be yours forever.
The intellectual property still, and will ever be belonging to the designer himself.

The payment is processed trough Gumroad, a service that is offering the gateway between seller and buyer.
If you are having a low budget, but want to use my typefaces, please send me an E-Mail with all details relating to the belonged project and we can work something out.

The complete EULA.